Hospice of the Comforter is here to support and guide you through this journey. While this may be a difficult time, there is also the potential for this time to be joyous, amusing and reflective. Remember that the pathway will be lined with family, friends and support from your Hospice Care Team.


When is it time for Hospice?

Many patients and families consider Hospice care when there is an incurable disease with a life-limiting prognosis and curative treatment is no longer available or desired. Feel free to discuss Hospice care with your physician, other healthcare professional, clergy or friends. If you have further questions, you can call 407-682-9090.

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How much does Hospice cost?

Hospice services are covered under Medicare Part A, Medicaid and most private insurances. This benefit covers the Hospice Team’s services, medications, supplies and equipment related to the patient’s life-limiting illness. There may be co-pays, co-insurance or a deductible under insurance plans.
Our staff will work with patients, families, insurance providers and other resources to ensure the patient receives all the benefits available.

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Who takes care of the patient?

The patient and/or family determines who will provide routine daily care. This person, known as the Caregiver, can be family, neighbor, friend, church member, hired caregiver or combination. Caregivers are vital in keeping the Hospice Care Team informed of the physical and emotional changes in the patient. If the patient can care for himself or herself, a caregiver is optional. We will provide hands-on training and a handbook to guide the Caregiver in the special care the patient will need. Hospice staff will visit regularly and are accessible 24/7.

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Is someone always with the patient?

In the early weeks of care, it may not be necessary. Later, however, since one of the most common fears of patients is to die alone, Hospice encourages someone to be there continuously.

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How does Hospice manage pain?

Hospice nurses and doctors are educated on the latest medications, therapies and devices for pain and symptom relief with a very high success rate. Using a combination of medications, counseling and alternative therapies, most patients attain a level of comfort that is acceptable to them.

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Is there special equipment we need at home before Hospice begins?

We will assess your needs, recommend and make arrangements for any necessary equipment. Hospice of the Comforter will assist you in making home care both convenient and safe.

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Are food and water withheld?

No. But a decrease in appetite is a natural progression of the dying process and is not painful or uncomfortable for the patient. Patients are always in control of their own food and water intake.

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Are all Hospices the same?

Medicare requires certified hospices to provide minimum requirements of care, but the quality and quantity of services may vary greatly. Hospice of the Comforter is a faith-based, non-profit organization serving the communities of Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. We suggest asking questions to help determine which Hospice is right for you.

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If a patient gets better, can he/she return to regular medical treatment?

Yes. The patient can be discharged from Hospice and return to curative therapy. If a discharged patient needs to return to Hospice care, Medicare and most private insurance will allow additional coverage for this purpose.

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Does Hospice of the Comforter assist the family after the patient dies?

Yes. We provide continuous support for 13 months following the death of a loved one with individual counseling, grief support groups, workshops, social groups and literature. A memorial service is held annually to honor those we’ve loved and lost.

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